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At Kidz Playhouse, LLC, our goal is to provide
quality childcare for children ages birth to 8
years of age in a safe, fun, and nurturing

We recognize that each child has unique
talents, learning styles, and personalities.
Our goal is to get to know your child's
interests, strengths, and challenges;
introduce art, music, pre-math, social self,
and pre-reading activities; prepare your child
for the challenges of entry into Kindergarten;
provide for planned and spontaneous adult-
child interactions.

We provide a controlled access building to
protect your children.

We participate in the Child and Adult Care      
Food Program, providing meals and snacks
which meet nutritional guidelines

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Current Events!

Playground to Get A Makeover

by Donna Harman on 02/11/15

Our side playground, typically used for the two year olds will be getting a makeover in the next couple of weeks. As most of you know we have tried sod, grass seed, mats, and made other attempts to get rid of the dirt but to no avail. We will be bringing in fifteen scoops of mulch in order to put a mulch ground cover in. We hope that this will help to cut down on the amount of dirt that gets stirred up.

Ms. Melissa has returned!

by Donna Harman on 02/11/15

After a one year absence, Ms Melissa has come back to us.  She is currently in the Lady Bugs class (two year olds).  We are excited about her return and look forward to her creativity in the classrooms.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

by Donna Harman on 07/17/14

Kidz Playhouse recently received a grant from Nemours, General Mills, and Child Care Aware of Missouri.  This grant is to help improve our food program and increase physical activity in an effort to help combat childhood obesity.  Our grant helped us purchase life size fruits and vegetables, market sorting baskets, and nutrition tiles.  In addition, new child size plates and cups are being purchased.  By the end of July, all children two years and older will be serving themselves and we will be using family-style dining for all meal services.

We have already started serving additional fresh fruits and vegetables.  The children are trying different items and experiencing different ways of preparing the same dishes.  

Summer is just around the corner

by Donna Harman on 04/03/14

Summer is just around the corner and lots of different activities are going on both inside the classrooms and out.  The infants and toddlers are discovering dirt and preparing to SHHH...plant flowers for their Mother's Day gifts.  They are also discovering different textures and scents,.

The Preschoolers are hard at work practicing table manners and learning their self-help skills.  They are also enjoying trying new foods that are home-cooked.

Classrooms are being painted and the playgrounds are being cleaned after the fall and winter seasons.  We will attempt to plant grass again this summer. 

We are playing outside longer periods of time (between the April rain showers) and really enjoying the physical activities.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer. 

Happy New Year

by Donna Harman on 12/30/13

A new year is just around the corner.  Our two new preschool teachers are working hard to get their curriculums ready so the kids can get back in the swing of things.  Ms. Dawnette will be returning to work next week.  I know many of the parents are anxiously awaiting her return.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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